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Evoked Potentials (EP)

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NeuroHealth uses EP tests, which concentrate on the area of the brain stimulated by sight and sound, to help evaluate symptoms such as dizziness, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, or blurred vision. You experience no discomfort as electrodes attached to your head measure electrical activity while you listen through headphones or watch a video screen

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"I already recommend NeuroHealth to others and consider you one of the best practices I have ever experienced in the medical field. The only way to improve is to clone yourselves to make yourselves available to more people. I love the approach of total medical care."

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"I'm always very comfortable and feel that all my questions have been answered. Today I brought up a new concern, hand and wrist pain, and was referred to Dr. L'Europa for a nerve test and to occupational therapy immediately. I am completely satisfied with the service today and always."

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